Tech Free Weekend

To keep the immersion as deep as possible, we request you keep your technology use to a minimum.

Costuming/ Weapons

Be as creative as you wish with your costumes. Each Kingdom has a unique sense of style.  Please view the Pinterest board links within the Kingdoms' descriptions for inspiration.  These are meant to be light guidelines to help with the look and feel of each group.  Feel free to adapt your character outfit to fit their personality/role within the house as well as their modern vibe.  

Only foam LARP prop weapons are allowed, no projectiles (arrows, grenades, darts etc.) please. Weapons can be used for costuming purposes only, there will be no actual combat of any kind. We want to keep our venue safe from any damage. We reserve the right to peace tie or examine any weapon for safety.

All inclusive event

This event is inclusive for everyone above the age of 21 due to mature themes. We strive to make our game environment a safe space for our players. If you have any concerns prior to the event or during the event, please bring them to our attention.

Sexual Harrasment 

Our events are a safe place for everyone. No discrimination or harassment of any kind will be tolerated at our events. Each person is responsible for their own actions and will be held accountable for them.

Immersive experiences such as Real Royalty often encourage participants to engage in role-playing and portray characters who are sometimes in a conflict or in a romantic relationship with one another. To ensure this is done in a safe and welcoming manner, we employ the mechanics of consent and absolutely prohibit any bullying behavior directed at other players. We will cover these simple mechanics in the introductory workshop before Real Royalty begins to ensure everyone is clear on the rules and has an opportunity to ask questions.

Hanging Lantern has a zero-tolerance bullying policy and violators will be asked to leave the experience and will be banned from all future events.

With this in mind, we created the following Code of Conduct: 

NOTE: Staff is a blanket term for anyone associated with Hanging Lantern. These people will be clearly identifiable during each event and will be able to direct players to the Safety Coordinator, who will be the chief point of contact for any safety related issues. 

  1. Each person's body is their own. Any contact must be politely requested (in game or out), and respected if denied.  Consent must be freely given, vocalized, and considered inviolable. If any doubt exists, players are responsible for clearly requesting consent from other players and can break character to do so.

  2. Consent must be freely given, vocalized, and considered inviolable. If any doubt exists, players are responsible for clearly requesting consent from other players and can break character to do so. 

  3. Clear statements of themes and contact expectations will be made before each game event so the players can choose to participate or not, and mechanics for opting out of any situations deemed uncomfortable will be provided. All players are responsible for voicing their reservations as soon as possible and notifying the staff if they need to exit the game/take a break.

  4. Any violations of this code will be discussed/followed up upon after the LARP and reported to the authorities if deemed necessary. 

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, please contact us at hello@hanginglantern.com

We endorse our players behaving according to the 20 Statements of Support for Community Safety: 

  1. I will give a clear and honest “yes, please” or “no, thank you” when I am asked for my consent, and negotiate more specifics if I feel they are needed. 

  2. I will respect the boundaries another person sets and accept that my boundaries may be different from someone else’s. 

  3. I will not touch another participant in-game or off-game, without their consent. 

  4. I will not tease, gossip about, ostracize, or retaliate against someone who has set a consent boundary. 

  5. I will recognize that my life experience differs from another person’s experience, and that they may make different decisions than I would as a result. 

  6. I will accept another person’s decision about or expression of their comfort or safety as valid. 

  7. I will support those who have come forward with a report of harassment, abuse, or assault by listening, trusting their experience, and offering my assistance. 

  8. I recognize that I may harm another community member, whether I intend to do so or not, and that my behavior is my responsibility. 

  9. If I am informed that I have harmed someone, I will reflect on my own behavior and seek to change it. 

  10. I will not deflect, blame, or become defensive if I am informed that I have harmed someone. 

  11. I will confront another community member if I witness them behaving in a manner that is against our community’s Code of Conduct. 

  12. I will ask other community members about their well-being if I observe them being sad, distraught, angry, unusually quiet, or otherwise upset. 

  13. I recognize that some people have invisible mental or physical disabilities that affect their experience. 

  14. I will not continue a behavior that I have been asked to stop. 

  15. I will not use alcohol as an excuse for my poor behavior towards another. 

  16. I will not use the alibi of role play to harm another player. 

  17. For character-to-character interactions involving sexuality, romance, or violence, I will negotiate consent with the other player either before or during the LARP. 

  18. I will not force my feelings, ideas, or desires upon another community member. 

  19. I will not use my size, voice, body, or power to deprive another community member of their autonomy or consent. 

  20. I will be an ally of victims, an advocate for respectful behavior, and a voice for those who are unable to come forward themselves. 


Please respect our host venue. No climbing, picking flowers, or damaging property. Just like in an escape room, everything that is "In Game" will be easily accessible/movable and marked so you won't need to disturb anything that's part of the venue itself. 

Age, alcohol, smoking, & drugs

Due to the presence of mature themes, Real Royalty experience is appropriate for those aged 21 and above. If you are going to be turning 21 between the time of your application and the start date of the event (April 12, 2019), please feel free to apply.

Alcohol will be available for purchase at the bar in the hotel and you can bring your own to keep in your room.

Please note that under Ohio law, the hotel is completely non-smoking inside. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas only. 

No illegal drugs are permitted at the event.  


We will be conducting phone screenings of the players as well as sending our character surveys to make sure we cast you in a perfect role! So buy your ticket, gather your friends and book your room, and rest assured you will have a big part to play as Real Royalty!

Booking, Cancellation, & Refund Policy

For ticketed Experiences such as Real Royalty, the ticket price will be charged at the time the reservation is made. 

The Participant acknowledges that they are paying for the Experience’s time and resources. All participants must pay in full and in advance for the Experience, unless another arrangement has been made in advance.  The period of payment in advance varies according to the dates of the Experience and is communicated to the Participant at the time the Deposit is collected.  Deposits placed on experiences guarantee the ticket price of the experience.  Hanging Lantern LLP reserves the right to refuse entry to any experience if payment in full is not made in advance, with the Participant Fee being the entire consideration for exchange of the Experience.

All payments, including installment payments, are final. There are no refunds for payments made.

  1. Cancellation by Hanging Lantern LLP. In the unlikely event the Experience, or any part thereof must be cancelled, Participant shall be notified as soon as possible and arrangements shall be made for Participant to be booked on another Experience at no additional cost.  Participant agrees that Hanging Lantern LLP shall not be liable for any other compensatory, incidental, consequential or other damages Participant may incur due to the cancellation of the Experience.

  2. Refunds. Refunds are only considered upon completion of the Experience in its entirety. Participant may request a refund by speaking to a representative of Hanging Lantern LLP.  The representative may grant Participant a full refund, or any portion thereof minus the Deposit if:

  • The Claim for Refund is made in Good Faith;

  • Participant has attended all of Hanging Lantern Experience in its entirety, including arriving on time and experiencing the full weekend;

  • Participant has made their concerns expressly known to Hanging Lantern LLP prior to the Claim; AND

  • Hanging Lantern LLP has had a reasonable opportunity to cure such concern as made known to them by Participant.

Any refund requests outside of these conditions will be honored at the discretion of Hanging Lantern LLP.

We have a lot of glass slippers to fill, so every character in every kingdom is vital to the main story! We will carefully plan the kingdoms out to make sure everyone has the room to shine. You will be able to indicate the preferences for which kingdoms you'd like to be in, as well as if you have any friends you'd like to play with.

Casting expectations

If there are any additional questions, please contact us at hello@hanginglantern.com!