Step into an enchanting world.

Join us for an incredible immersive-theater charity event. Tickets will continue to sell through October 31st, 2023. Age limit is 21+.


February 16-19th, 2024


Palace Hotel
2 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA

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Base tickets will be $500 for event entry.


The venue is surrounded by easy to access food locations at all price points. The hotel also has a historic bar and restaurant named "The Pied Piper".


Room rates will be $249 for the event. The host hotel will provide an event code to reserve a room in the event block.


The hotel is easily located 30 minutes from the airport (SFO) via train (BART) for $10.

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You will choose between ten twisted fairy-tale kingdoms with one-hundred characters. You are invited to Princess Generica's castle, where you will spend the weekend building strategies and plotting against your rivals to win the princess' favor. 

Do you have what it takes to be the next Real Royalty? For three days you'll leave behind life and take part in this immersive theatrical experience within a dark fairy tale setting. You will be transformed into a character where there is no script, and all the decisions are in your hands. You will join a colorful cast of characters to take part in a sadistic gauntlet to determine who will be Princess Generica's new confidant.

Will you triumph over the other participants to win the day, or will you play the kingmaker?

Kingdom of Snow

In the highest mountains of the land lies the Kingdom of Snow. Humans have learned to live in the rough terrain by forming a strong alliance with the dwarven kingdom the lies beneath the surface. Together, both kingdoms have prospered, becoming stronger. Though the windows of the human castle are always frosted, the hearth stays warm and the mead flows freely. However, things have never quite been the same since the death of the dearly beloved human king. With the alchemist queen on the throne, the alliance has slowly been cooling as the royalty struggles to fill the void left by the king father. While the dead king's confidants weave the tapestry of royal secrets ever tighter, the younger members of the court work to unravel the threads of their hidden legacy.

Attire: Nordic and viking wear, this kingdom displays furs and woven garments suitable for the harsh climate in the mountains of the north.

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Kingdom of Glass

When a woman of common birth was married into royalty, many in the kingdom believed a new age of equality would begin. However, their champion, Cinderella, has set about restoring the kingdom to its former glory, with her ruthless eye for detail. She has also recently started producing the most enchanting garments that everyone is vying over.  This increased commerce has restored the Kingdom of Glass' wealth almost overnight.The common people felt betrayed by their new princess, and with the lesser fae of the working class dying in the streets, whispers of revolution fly about the kingdom. With an impending uprising on their hands, the royalty of Glass has been scrambling to maintain the thriving textile industry while trying to quiet down the rumblings. Among this chaos, Cinderella's court is a patchwork of mercenaries with cutthroat attitudes who will stop at nothing to make sure that the kingdom thrives again even if it means a class war.

Attire: Elegant ball gowns and courtly attire for those attempting to maintain the civility and pretense of the royal court. Edgier hunting fashions and leather armor for those looking to get into some trouble.

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Kingdom of Velvet

Opulent and ostentatious, the Kingdom of Velvet proves time and time again that no other kingdom can boast quite the extravaganza like they can. The nobility cares deeply about appearances regardless of the plebeian lives they crush under their heels. Make it blue or make it pink, they are not concerned because everything they touch turns to gold. The royal family has created a legacy of affluence and prosperity by littering the countryside with many large opulent castles built on the weak backs of the less fortunate folk.Although this kingdom may boast the brightest and reddest roses, they also have the largest and sharpest thorns. When the king and queen of the kingdom were murdered, scandals surrounding the royal family seeped through their realm. Stories of abused power, black magic, enslavement, and a bloody nightmare haunting the capital swirl while the royalty secures a strong hold.

Attire: An indulgent style sets these golden fashionistas apart, with their elaborate hair styles and gowns dripping in embroidery, they are not afraid to show off their wealth in their clothing choices!

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Find costume inspiration here.

Kingdom of Petals

After the magic curse that bound the Beast and his servants was broken, the Kingdom of Petals vowed to never again be subjected to the whims of the arcane. The kingdom had been left unattended for quite some time, and while all of the humans were restored after the curse, the buildings and infrastructure were not. Through militant dedication and an emphasis on industry, the Kingdom of Petals pushed the wolves out of their borders and restored order. The royal family had the people of the kingdom tear down the castles and re-purpose the ornate scrap into raw materials for their war machines. Any remaining magic users in the kingdom have been hunted down and all the enchanted objects burned. Led by their transformed ruler and his curse-breaking bride, the Kingdom of Petals embraced the power of steam and engineering, and condemned any hint of arcane power.In the midst of this progress, the villages of Petals were attacked from the sea by the merpeople of Tides who have come ashore and attempted to gain territory for their newly established kingdom. The battle rages on as the military might of Petals is matched against the superior strength of the Tides warriors.

Attire: The military and engineering might of the Kingdom of Petals would not be denied even under blockade so most people attire themselves in uniforms, utilitarian dresses, steampunk fashion, and every manner of gadget and tool can be found in pockets.

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Find costume inspiration here.

Kingdom of Tides

Coming ashore to escape their tyrant ruler, the Kingdom of Tides quickly turned from newcomer to invader. They laid siege to the Kingdom of Petals when they landed on their shores. Faster and stronger than humans, the merpeople are tenacious and tireless soldiers, and are fully devoted to their young charismatic leader. This small but ferocious kingdom has demonstrated themselves to be formidable warriors, equipping themselves in flotsam and jetsam armor. This salty barbarian horde is continually proving that anything is possible if you think creatively by building a kingdom out of sunken ships and driftwood. With a constant supply of food and materials from the sea, they are able to maintain their invasion and carve a piece of land all their own. Their overzealous lust for life is equal only to their determination and brutality.

Attire: With an initial lack of fabric, most of their clothing consisted of creative garb made from shells and shipwrecks. Now they wear armor and carry weapons more adapted to the warfare on land but their ocean origins are still unmistakable.

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Kingdom of Emeralds

The citizens of Emeralds know that everything can be obtained for a price. It's even easier when your land magically produces anything a heart could desire. The people of Emeralds are democratic, cunning, and dressed in attire from another world. Surrounded by the Deadly Desert, the people have always felt safe from any military intrusion. Life in an impenetrable City of Emeralds is the pinnacle of glitz and glamour, but even the shiniest gems can't hide the decay that is spreading underneath. The desert that keeps the kingdom safe is creeping inward and rapidly destroying their naturally abundant lands. Tendrils of savage sands slither across the land choking the magic that sustains the glorious Kingdom of Emeralds. The dusty clouds around the kingdom grow dark with suffocating sandstorms, but the royalty has come together to bring light back to their people. The royal court must find a solution to glow again, or the gems will sink into the earth once more.

Attire: The Wizard brought the roaring 20's to the land of Oz and they never let go of the art nouveau style. Flapper dresses and stylish suits are the cat's meow, and of course everyone wants to be seen in green.

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Kingdom of Echoes

The Kingdom of Echoes is a dark and sinister place. It is the realm of the shadowed fae, a haunting abode of monsters and boogeymen. Parents warn their children of the dangers lurking in the dark tunnels and hidden forest paths, where roots fight for nourishment against the twisted brambles which penetrate deep winding tunnels. The air below is damp and heavy with the spores of mushrooms growing everywhere, their pale luminescence the only light to see by. The doors to this ancient kingdom was forgotten by those who dwell above, but the entrances to this realm can be found in every other kingdom in the land.Recently, an encounter with a little girl named Alice has introduced a new madness which is leaking into the royal court, and now they struggle to keep their heads clear. The king was cursed, and the queen lost her tight hold on her subjects' minds. She now struggles to regain total control as the nightmares of her kingdom ravage the world above. They have no choice but to venture into the world above for the first time in millennia if they ever hope to bring back their charges.

Attire: the fae of the Kingdom of Echoes prefer ephemeral dark and jeweled colors of the underground, ethereal and shimmery to ward off the oppressive gloom, with warmer upper layers to protect against the chill of the earth and rock that surrounds them.

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Kingdom of Mists

As the legend tells it, the Kingdom of Mists was a powerful and mighty realm a long time ago before the veil of mists shrouded the isle, preventing any brave seafarers from venturing there. A host of true and valiant knights met at a round table and many brave and noble deeds were accomplished there. Many a second son or a young person seeking their fortune left their home for the glory of the Kingdom of Mists, and never returned once it vanished into the haze. As home to some of the most powerful arcane objects, the kingdom is rumored to hold four ancient relics that can control the balance of cryptic magics: pentacle, cup, wand and sword.Now, the veil of mist is lifted once more and each realm's long lost legends have returned to light. But, be wary of meeting idealized heroes of yore...

Attire: The Kingdom of Mists' denizens garb themselves in clean cut and simple robes and tunics, borrowing some manners of dress from other kingdoms but always returning to the classics.

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Find costume inspiration here.

Kingdom of Stars

Everyone wonders what happens when an object, person, or even a place is magically banished. Wizards, witches, and even fairies use varying forms of the banishing magics to dispose of the bathwater, and on occasion, obliterate entire kingdoms. But no one is certain where the principles of the spell originated. Once a refuge in the clouds, the Kingdom of Stars has somehow become a prison for the unwanted and discarded. This is a place where those banished are tethered by some unseen magics. The kingdom is littered with treasures and garbage alike, featuring a castle with a pirate ship sticking out of one of its parapets. Grum, the self-appointed ruler of the Kingdom of Stars, has a giant heart and body to match. While there are some glowering newcomers who seem to be at each other's throats every day, Grum knows that they can make the best of their garbage situation.

Attire: Naval jackets, swashbuckling clothes, poet shirts with glitz and glam, the people from this kingdom are always ready for adventure. (Please no weapons.)

Find costume inspiration here.

The Sanctuary

The Enchanted Forest is known for its mysterious tree-lined paths, magic-filled canopies, and, of course, its ethereal inhabitants. It is said that the White Stag himself used to reside in the Enchanted Forest before moving into the opulent palace of Velvet. What is often overlooked, though, is the unsettling transformation that began in the depths of the Forest when the three fairies instilled themselves into the royal family, and the business of magic began to grow within Velvet. Failed potion recipes and other magical waste found their way into the once-pristine pools, and small animals and birds began developing some uncanny traits and unique looks. The world-renowned pink and blue hues resembled nothing more than an oil slick, translucent, and shimmering across the waters seeping into the routes of the Enchanted Forest trees. Peasants who dare to enter the woods have found themselves mutated, and as word of the problem spread, many maligned individuals have begun to seek refuge in the Sanctuary.

Attire: The people of this kingdom are mutated from toxic magical runoff, and their features are marred as such. They wear typical peasant garb adorned with floral motifs.

Find costume inspiration here.

Game Documents

This document includes the game mechanics, policies, code of conduct, world guide, and more.

2024 Character List2024 World Guide

Note: This version of the player's guide contains similar mechanics etc., but is out of date. We are working on a more up-to-date version.


Friday, Feb 16th

Hotel room block opens. Early arrival.

3:00 PM

Event Checkin

4:00 PM

New Player Workshop

5:00 PM

Workshop 1: Safety and Roleplay

8:00 PM

Player Meet n' Greet

Saturday, Feb 17th

Workshops, first-day of game.

MORNING - 8:00-8:30 aM

Morning add-on delivery (coffee/mimosas)
Command center opens and Optional Q&A

9:00 AM

Workshop 2: Character Development and Connection Building

11:00 AM


12:00 PM

ACT 1: Game On
Vignette 1a

1:30 PM

Photography Begins
Scene 1

3:30 PM

Vignette 1b

4:00 PM

Game Off: Intermission

5:00 PM

Soft RP begins

6:00 PM

ACT 2: Game On
Vignette 2a

7:30 PM

Scene 2

9:30 PM

Vignette 2b

EVENING - 10:00 pm

Game Off
Out-of-character party in Stranglemire Bog

Sunday, Feb 18th

Full-game day + after-party celebration.

MORNING - 8:00-8:30 aM

Morning add-on delivery (coffee/mimosas)
Command center opens and Optional Q&A

9:00 AM

Workshop 3: Plot Calibration

11:00 PM


12:00 PM

ACT 3: Game On
Vignette 3a

1:30 PM

Scene 3

3:30 PM

Vignette 3b

4:00 PM

Photography Begins

5:30 PM

ACT 4 begins
Vignette 4a

6:00 PM

Game Off: Intermission

7:00 PM

Soft RP
Dance Class

8:00 PM

Game On
Workshop 4: Epilogues
Fairytale Ball

9:00 PM

Vignette 4b

9:30 PM


~10:00 PM

Game Off
Space Clean Up

EVENING - ~10:30 pm

Post-game Celebration

Monday, Feb 19th

Last day of the event.

10:00 aM


12:00 PM

Hotel checkout


You have questions, we have the answers!

What is included in the ticket cost?

Tickets include access to the event only, and will not include food, drink, or lodging. We felt that this will help reduce overall ticket cost due to the minimums required by the venue.

What about inclusivity at the event?

We strive to make our game environment a safe and inclusive space for ALL our players by crafting inclusive plots for all representations, making sure our hosting venue is comfortable for all, and employing clear and accommodating mechanics. The only caveat we have made for this event is our age participation which is restricted to 21 and above due to many mature themes explored in the game, and alcohol being served on site. If you have any concerns prior to the event or during the event, please bring them to our attention.

What is your policy on harassment?

Our events are a safe place for everyone. No discrimination or harassment of any kind will be tolerated at our events. Each person is responsible for their own actions and will be held accountable for them. Immersive experiences such as Real Royalty often encourage participants to engage in role-playing and portray characters who are sometimes in a conflict or in a romantic relationship with one another. To ensure this is done in a safe and welcoming manner, we employ the mechanics of consent and absolutely prohibit any bullying behavior directed at other players. We will cover these simple mechanics in our game materials to ensure everyone is clear on the rules and has an opportunity to ask questions. We have a zero-tolerance bullying policy and violators will be asked to leave the experience and will be banned from all future events.

Will scholarships be available?

Yes, we will be offering scholarships in the future if the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, this is an immersive event. Attendees are expected to come in costume.

What is your covid policy?

We will be observing any guidelines presented by the World Health Organization (WHO), and will be announcing them closer to the event (as things tend to change).

When will I receive my character?

Due to the sheer size of the event, we are simplifying the casting process, and will revealing a majority of the cast list in advance. Players will be able to view blurbs on each of the characters and select their top 3-5 characters in their player survey.

What time should I arrive?

Typically, most attendees will arrive the day before (Friday, Feb. 16th, 2024). Hotel rooms in our block will be available at a discounted rate at that time.