Once upon a time...

While you were vying for land, magical powers and precious resources, your children were snatched out of your own homes. They were stolen away by a haunting lullaby. The wishes of the land have been silenced. Strange magics fill the winds, and whispers once only heard by dwarves and fae, now thunder through the royal courts. Secret societies gather to find the answers, but come up short.

Just when hope is lost, a legend strides out of your kingdom’s history and beckons you to the Kingdom of Mists. All the other kingdoms have received their own call, and will surely be on their way. Carrying the hopes of your people with you, journey beyond the veil to hunt for answers and unravel the tangled intrigue of inter-kingdom politics. While the Kingdom of Mists has invited all to sit at their round table as equals, you will make sure your kingdom’s voice heard.

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